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Krishi Business Kendra (KBK)

VFPK Krishi Business KendraKrishi Business Kendra (KBK) is a one-stop shop for agriculturists. KBK is a retail outlet for the supply of quality fruit and vegetable seedlings, ready for sale at reasonable prices to the public. “Besides seedlings, flowering plants, organic inputs and farm implements are available for sale at the KBK. The bulk of the seedling production will be carried out at the hi-tech seedling production units at Alathur in Palakkad district and VFPCK Krishi Business Kendra, Kakkanad, Ernakulam district. The daily sale is on an average between 15,000 and 20,000. It is interesting is that these are not farmers but completely urban population who want to grow fruits and vegetables on their terrace or in the 5- 10 cents of land they own.

In addition to the seeds and seedlings, Grow bags and Manures for homestead garden are available for sale at VFPCK Krishi Business Kendra, Kakkanad. The grow bags have been another key attraction for the urban population. The bags which will have seedlings and all the other components including brick mud, cow dung, organic bacteria anti-pesticide bacteria are ideal for terrace farming and growing plants in limited space. In keeping with the demands of the targeted population, the centre provides coir pandals in a project in association with the Coir-fed . These coir pandals to grow vegetable and fruit creepers are completely ready-made and could be fixed in any limited land area. VFPCK also provide handy pesticide sprays and other equipment.

Resources available at KBK
  1. Quality seeds, See the list
  2. Quality Seedlings, See the list
  3. Organic farming inputs: Bio fertilisers, Organic manures, bio pesticides
  4. Growbags, Coir Pandals handy pesticide sprays and other equipment.

Contact :
    Phone: 91 - 484-2881333
    Mobile: 91 – 9497713883