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Council aims to attain the objectives through the principle of "Self Help, Participation and Prosperity".

Major innovative concepts developed and implemented by VFPCK are as follows

  • Self Help Groups
  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) are the backbone of VFPCK. SHGs are groups of farmers with identified common objectives, tasks, group identities and neighbourhood. It is a system where all members work together to address problems and utilize opportunities through participatory action after co-operative decision making for the overall development of members. The Council is moulding the SHGs as the basic local institutional units for introducing innovative interventions in horticulture. At present Council have nearly 9708  SHGs and about 1.94 lakhs farmers.

    Features of VFPCK Self Help Groups
    • Voluntary group of 15-20 commercial fruit and vegetable cultivators.
    • Formed on neighbourhood principle.
    • Function observing a set of mutually agreed norms.
    • Have regular meetings, discussions and common decisions.

    SHG is a basic platform for
    • Increased social interaction
    • Collective bargaining
    • Quality input sourcing
    • Advanced production technology and production planning
    • Micro finance.
    • Development of farmer market.
    • Problem solving.
    • Total empowerment of farmers.

    Master farmer Concept - Moulding leaders among farming community
    SHGs select Master farmers to lead the group in the areas of Production , Credit & Marketing . The trained master farmers accelerates the acceptance of novel ideas among fellow farmers

    Office-less Extension - Technology at farmers' doorstep
    Vibrant team of extension personnel is committed to take the technologies to the farmers' field. The concept of lab-to-land transfer of technology is practiced in the true sense.