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Planting Materials

Seeds: Good quality seeds of high yielding vegetable Seedsvarieties are produced by the    registered seed growers of VFPCK. These seeds are procured from the crops exclusively grown for seed extraction purpose. About 19 varieties of vegetable seeds are procured and processed at Seed Processing Plant, Alathur, Palakkad. The seeds are made available to the public through Krishi Business Kendra and District Training Centres. Click here to get Currently available seed varieties and their price.

Seedlings: Seedlings of vegetables are made available for sale through Krishi Business Kendra and District Training Centres based on local needs and season. The vegetable seeds are germinated in protrays and carefully raised for sale when they attain 3-4 leaf stage. Click here to get Currently available seedlings varieties and their price.

Planting Materials Fruit plants: Seedling, budded and grafted plants of about 70 types local and exotic fruits are supplied through SPP and Krishi Business Kendra for sale. The poly bag grown plants are supplied which are ready to be planted. Click here to get Currently available Fruit Plants and their price.

Banana suckers and TC plants: Good quality banana suckers and TC plants are available for sale. The banana suckers can be procured from the nearest SKS which are from the registered VFPCK farmers. SPP, Alathur produces the TC plants of Nendran, Grand Naine and Poovan varieties and are made available for sale.

Tuber crops

Tuber crops: Planting materials of tuber crops like Amorphophallus, Dioscorea, Yam, Colocasia, Tapioca and other minor tubers are procured from the farmers and made available for sale.

Ornamental Plants: ornamental flowering and foliage plants have been stocked at the Krishi Business Kendra for the beneficiaries in and around the metro of Kochi. This can be made available to other parts of the state on demand.

Organic Manure: For the promotion of organic farming,Organic Manure organic manures like cowdung, bonemeal, various oil cakes are supplied from SKS and Krishi Business Kendra.

Biopesticides and Biofertilizers: To fit into the frame of organic farming, biofertilizers and biopesticides are made available through SKS and Krishi Business Kendra for the use of public.

Growbags: for popularising the homestead gardening,Growbags VFPCK has launched the Harithanagari scheme in which prepared growbags are made available to the benefeciaries at the district level and from Krishi Business Kendra. The materials are also available seperately on demand.

Pots and pot hangings: Mud pots, pot hangings made of coir, plastic ropes, wire nets etc for aesthetic gardening are made available.

Pandal Materials: For trailing the climbers and trailers, pandal materials are available.
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