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  • Promoted the concept of SHGs among horticultural farmers for their economic stability and better farming decisions. Formed around 10211 SHGs thereby bringing under more than 208194 lakhs commercial fruits and vegetable farmers under its roof in Kerala. Equipped SHGs to ascertain financial needs and prudent use of funds.
  • Facilitated farmers as farmer trainers and equipped them for farm research. Conducted more than 11950 farmer trainings and around 3302 master farmer trainings.
  •  Around 3622 participatory technology development trials and 2086 technical campaigns were conducted.
  • Produced, processed and marketed 872.037 MT of quality vegetable seeds and around 83.92248 lakhs tissue culture banana plantlets of high purity and varietals preferences to cater to the requirements of South India.
  • Promoted production centre oriented farmer markets ensuring better producer share of consumer rupee and collective bargaining power of farmers.
  • VFPCK have initiated 289 farmer markets through which  78373 MT produces were sold for the year 2021-22, for a total value of Rs. 212.2343 crores.
  • Around 187 collection centres and 210 vegetable retail outlets are set up for the supply of farm fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumers and to control price hike in the vegetable retail chain.
  • Provided land for 145 SKSs and building worth Rs. 10 -12 lakhs for each 132 SKSs
  • Developed a data bank of daily market prices and arrivals for the last 21 years of 40 varieties of vegetables and banana from 12 centers in Kerala and 1 from other states for market oriented production of vegetables and fruits and improved marketing decisions.
  • The farmer friendly credit package of VFPCK enhanced fruits and vegetable production. A total amount Rs. 1234.4089 crores was disbursed to farmers as easy farm credit and an interest subsidy for of Rs. 563.63738 lakhs was also given.
  • Unique insurance packages were developed for covering the crops and social security of farmers. 115684 farmers were covered under crop insurance and 1357 farmers under social security scheme annually.
  • Krishi Business Kendra has been initiated to cater the quality planting material and inputs requirement for fruit and vegetable cultivation.
  • Soil test based demonstrations were taken up in 14 districts to standardise the fertilizer application in banana and vegetable .
  • An urban household farming venture called “Haritha Nagari” was introduced with an aim of promoting organic vegetable cultivation and the same was set up in 38240 households.
  • Equipped a team of professionally qualified and experienced extension personnel for successful interventions.
  • Various schemes on productivity enhancement, high tech cultivation and marketing is being implemented for fruit and vegetable cultivation.