Thrust Areas ยป Insurance


For the benefit of member farmers, VFPCK implement various insurance packages in association with insurance agencies. The various packages are:
  1. Crop insurance package:
  2. VFPCK has designed a crop insurance package for its participating farmers for protecting farmer as well as the banker from uncertainties that arises during the cultivation period. VFPCK had made a tie up with National Insurance Company Ltd. For insurance coverage of banana, vegetables and tuber crops. Crops covered are all banana varieties, vegetables (pandal and non-pandal) and tuber crops (amorphophallus, colocasia, yams and tapioca) cultivated by participant farmers of VFPCK.

      Insurance coverage is provided against total loss or damage to banana plants due to natural calamities like fire, flood, inundation, storm, drought, cyclone, tornado, tsunami, frost, heavy wind, tempest, land slide, rock slide, earthquake, riot, strike, forest fire and bush fire. Damage by wild animals (wild elephant & wild boar), Kokkan disease and Pseudostem borer attack are covered. In case of vegetables and tuber crops coverage is provided only for natural calamities.

      • Banana - Rs. 5.70/ plant(VFPCK Rs 2.7/plant  and Farmer Rs 3.0/plant)
      • Vegetables and tuber crops - Rs. 6.00/ cent / season(VFPCK Rs 1.00 / cent and farmer Rs 5.00/cent )

    Compensation payable for Vegetables
    (Rs. 400 for pandal crops, Rs.350 for non- pandal crops /cent /season)
    Period (days)
    Compensation (Rs)
    Pandal Non pandal
    Vegetables 15- 40 ....25-60
    41– 60....61-100
    61– 75...101-130
    76– 90...131-150
    colocasia,yams & tapioca)
    2- 5 months

    more than 5 - 10 months




    Compensation payable for Banana
    Age of Banana Crop
    ( 2 months & above )
    (Rs./ plant)
    Natural calamity /
    wild animal (Elephant, Boar) attack
    Kokkan disease & Pseudostem borer attack

  2.   Calamity Mitigation in vegetables

Vegetable Insurance is provide protection against natural calamities alone.This scheme support the vegetable  farmers at the time of adverse climate and also pest and disease out break. In adverse situation this can also support epidemic in vegetables . Compensation  is 25% of total loss assessed by vfpck will be given to the farmers as per NIC  norms (Rs. 300 for pandal crops, Rs.250 for non- pandal crops /cent /season)     

3.   Health insurance Policy (Gramin Susasthya Micro Insurance Policy (GSMIP):

    A unique health insurance scheme for farmers implemented in association with National Insurance  Company Ltd. Low premium and quick claim settlement are the major features of the scheme.

      Premium: Rs. 950/- per family

      Maximum compensation: Rs.25, 000/-


4. Personal Accident Policy

       Premium  - Rs. 175/- per  person

        Personal Accident Policy With Medical Expenses Due To Accidents


       - Policy can be availed by persons between the age of 18 (Eighteen) years and 70 (Seventy) years.

-Policy can be renewed up to the age of 75 (Seventy five).

              Sum Insured (Rs 2 Lakhs + Rs 1 Lakhs)

              1. Death, loss of 2 limbs, loss of             

                  one limb and one eye, permanent

                   total disablement - 100% of sum insured,

                   Loss of one limb or one eye - 50% of sum insured                          

               2. Medical expenses due to accidents only             

     5.  Life Insurance policy - PMJJBY & PMSJBY:

    Life insurance scheme for farmers are also implemented in association with LIC of India. In addition to low premium and quick claim settlement, provision of scholarships for children rs 1200/- per children per year (9th std to 12th std)  of insured farmers is the major features of the scheme.

    • Total premium: Rs. 200/-
    • VFPCK subsidy Rs. 100/-
    • Farmer contribution: Rs. 100/- (Crop insured , Others will pay Rs 200/-)

    • Normal death: Rs. 2,00,000/-
    • Accidental death: Rs.2,00, 000/-
    • Permanent disability: Rs. 2,00,000/-
    • Partial disability: Rs. 1,00,000/-

       6. Vipani Secretaries Health insurance Scheme

           - Premium : As per the age (50% of premium from SKS and 50% from VFPCK)

           - Maximum compensation : Rs 50,000/-   

How to apply for an Insurance Scheme?

VFPCK Insurance scheme exclusively for VFPCK member farmers and for application of the scheme , contact vfpck District Offices .