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Farmer MarketsThe concept of group marketing was developed with focus on empowering and facilitating the farmers to take more effective decisions for marketing of their produce. The concept of group marketing thereby provides SHG farmers better access to markets and therefore a greater share in the consumer’s rupee. Under group marketing, 10-15 Self Help Groups (SHGs), numbering about 250-300 farmers, come together under the banner of Swasarya Karshaka Samithi (SKS) and trade their produce collectively. This helps the farmers to have a good volume thereby being in a better position to negotiate with the wholesalers in order to 'optimise their returns'. Large volumes induce traders to buy from the Swasarya Karshaka Samithis. This helps them to reduce transportation expenses and save time. Weighing is done by farmers and is transparent and accurate. The loading/unloading of produce is done by the farmers themselves ensuring careful handling of the produce. Prompt payment within the prescribed period is guaranteed as there is a collective effort in recovery from among debtor traders. The SKS thus facilitates trading between farmers and traders and improves their bargaining power through better access with markets and traders.

The major highlights of Swasraya Karshaka Samithis are:
  • Production centre oriented marketing system
  • A market fully owned and managed by farmers
  • Well trained management committee
  • Market information and management support from VFPCK
  • Transparent accounting system and regular auditing
  • Better bargaining power for farmers.
  • Reduced size of marketing chain.

Infrastructural Supports from VFPCK
VFPCK facilitates the farmers to establish, manage and develop these Samithis. Well defined milestones are used to assess the performance of a Karshaka Samithi in a participatory manner. In order to achieve satisfactory levels of growth, each and every proposal for a new Samithi is strictly evaluated. Master Farmers are facilitated systematically. Adequate and timely training is ensured for the Marketing Master Farmer committee members

Stage of
Farmer Market
Supports from VFPCK
Time of Support
Phase I
(Bulking phase)

One Platform balance,
One set of account books.
Date of initiating bulking point
 Phase II
(After up gradation)

    1 table,
    1 Almirah,
    10 plastic chairs
Reimbursement of
    Audit fees,
    Secretary’s salary (for 1 year)
After the first audit
 Phase III. Depending on fund availability and performance land and   building   is  made available to SKS.

At present 287 VFPCK Swasraya Karshaka Samithis are functioning in across Kerala. About 83280.22 MT of produce worth Rs.246.3827 crores were traded by these SKS during the financial year 2018-19 and the construction of as many as 119 permanent buildings for Samithis have already been completed and the construction of 1 more buildings are fast progressing.
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