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Participatory Technology Development (PTD) is an approach which ensures the active involvement of the farmers in technology upgradation and refinement. Farmers play the key role in technology development and its diffusion. More than a research activity, PTD combines development, dissemination and application of locally acceptable technology in the field along with strengthening of the experimental capabilities of the farmers.

Steps in PTD
    Participatory Technology Development
  • Farmers and extension personnel together discuss their farming situation to identify major problems.
  • After the problem identification and prioritization, different options are sought for solving it. These options come from farmer's knowledge as well as scientific stream. The role of extension worker is to provide appropriate technical options for testing.
  • Incorporating the best options, the farmers and extension personnel jointly design the experiments for field implementation. The task of carrying out the experiment is entrusted to a willing farmer in the Self Help Group (SHG).
  • The SHG members monitor and discuss the progress of the experiment during their group meetings.
  • Farmers record all the vital observations for the final evaluation of the experiment.
  • On completion of the experiment, the farmers discuss the results in the SHG and evaluate the experiment thoroughly.
  • The results are shared among other farmers.

The advantages of PTD are:
  • Simultaneous technology development and dissemination.
  • Develop locally adaptable improved technologies.
  • Strengthen experimental capacities of the farmers.

  • Technologies developed through PTD in VFPCK
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