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Haritha Nagari

Terrace garden

Haritha Nagari An urban homestead farming venture in Kochiís corporation area aims at promoting organic vegetable cultivation so as to produce farm fresh vegetables in terraces to make each household self sufficient in vegetable production. This also helps to utilise the recycled household waste efficiently for cultivation of crop through vermi- composting.

The grow bags have been another key attraction for the urban population. The bags with seedling are ideal for terrace farming and growing plants in limited space.

Terrace Garden
  • Serve as a horticulture therapy for refreshment and for physical health of the family.
  • Access to fresh vegetables free from toxic pesticides.
  • Helps to cut down family budget.

Programme details
Terrace GardenThe registered beneficiaries will be provided with 25 potted vegetable seedlings of their choice for Rs. 3500/- and also provide 25 grow bags for Rs 2500/- within 10Kms from Kakkanad. If the beneficiary is willing to bear the transportation expense the unit will be set up at further distances. Vegetable seedlings are available at VFPCK all round the year. VFPCK official will provide necessary technical guidance during the crop period.

Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation Oyster and milky mushrooms can be cultivated under the humid tropical climate of Kerala . The highly nutritive and medicinal values of these mushrooms add value to this crop thus creating high market price for fresh mushrooms.

For promotion of mushroom cultivation, regular training programmes are being arranged by VFPCK. Training kits comprising of spawn , polythene covers and booklet for starters in mushroom cultivation are also being supplied. Spawn packets of oyster mushroom is available throughout the year and milky mushroom spawn packets are available during summer season. Mushroom beds and training kits are also available for sale at VFPCK. Read more.

Vegetable Seedling Distribution

Vegetable  seedlings Vegetable seedlings of about 15 varieties are available throughout the year viz Cowpea , Amaranthus , Bhindi , Chilli, Tomato, Brinjal, Bitter gourd, Snake gourd, Ridge gourd, Bottle gourd, Cucumber , Pumpkin, Ash gourd. Cool season vegetable seedlings of cabbage, Cauliflower etc are available during October - November. Please visit our resource section for price details and availability of seedlings.Read more ...

    For more details contact : 0484 -2881333