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Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea Var. capitata
  • Early varieties :
    Golden Acre:Compact and round head.
    Pride of India:Small round heads. High yielding.
    Pusa Mukta: Bacterial rot resistant. Compact and slightly flat-round head.
    Hari Rani:F1 hybrid
    Pusa Sambandh: Close planting type
    Pusa Synthetic: Short stock. Large flat heads.
  • Mid season varieties :
    Pusa Agethi: First tropical variety suitable for high temperature
    Sri Ganesh Gol
    Nadhlakshmi 401
  • Late Varieties:
    Pusa Drum head:Field resistance to black leg.
  • Varieties for Kerala:
    Golden Acre, Pride of India, Kaveri, Ganga, Sri Ganesh Gol, Pusa Drum Head
    Climate & Soil: Well drained sandy loam to clay soil is suited for this crop. It grows well in high ranges during winter season. Optimum temperature for growth and heading is 15- 20 degree centigrade.
    Season: August- November,Mid season varieties - September
    Seed rate: 500-750g/ha
    Raising Nursery: Seeds are sown in nursery beds and three to five week old seedlings are transplanted.
    Spacing: 45x45 cm
    Nutrient management : Organic manure 25 T/ha, N:P:K of 150:100: 125 kg/ha . Full dose of N and K2O before transplanting and remaining half dose one month after transplanting is recommended.
    Crop Management: Earthing up one month after transplanting is essential.
    Pest Management :
    • Cabbage butterfly Diamond black moth: Apply 5% neem seed kernel extract on cabbage starting from 15 days, trap crop, release of a parasitoid
    • Tobacco caterpillar : Spray malathion 2% at initial stages and 1% pyrithrin during head formation stage.
    Disease Management :
    • Black rot, Black leg and clubroot of cabbage: Remove the affected seedling and provide proper drainage. Dip the seeds in water at 50 degree Celsius for 25- 30 mts as a prophylatic measure. 2-3 spraying of 50 gm of streptocycline +250 gm Copper oxy chloride in 250 litres of water / ha are suggested as control measure.
    • Alternaria blight: : Seed treatment with captan 3 gm/ Kg of seed and spraying mancozeb 0 .25% at 15 days interval soon after the appearance of disease can control the same.
    Harvesting: Only one head is produced in a plant and the head is harvested along with some wrapper leaves when it becomes firm but tender.
    Yield: 20t/ha
    Post Harvesting: Heads along with wrapper leaves are transported to rhe markets in krates, where wrapper leaves are trimmed, heads are graded and packed for sale.
    Seed Collection:

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