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  French Beans
Botanical Name: Phaseolus vulgaris
  • Pole beans :
    Pusa Himalatha: Round meaty stringless pods.
  • Bush bean :
    Contender:Pods green, round long and stringless.
    YCD-1: Dual purpose.Slightly long flat pods.
    Arka Komal:Pods straight, flat and green.
    Arka Subidha:Pods light green, straight, oval, fleshy and stringless.
    Climate & Soil: Light sandy loam soils with good drainage favourable. In high ranges of elevation more than 1000 m it can be grown throughout the year.
    Season: July-September and January-February
    Seed rate: Pole type:25-30kg/ha
    Bush type:80-90kg/ha
    Seed Treatment: Seed treatment with copperfungicides to control fungal diseases recommended.
    Spacing: Raised beds are preferred for pole beans and a spacing of 30x 20 cm is recommended.In the case of bush type, seeds are sown at a spacing of 45-60cmX10-15cm.
    Nutrient management : Apply basal dose of 20t/ha of FYM and N: P:K at 30 : 40: 60 Kg/ha
    Crop Management: Provide support, 1 to 1.5 m , long for trailing plants. Irrigation required.
    Pest Management :
    • Aphids: Sucks sap from the plant.Apply malathion. 05%:
    Disease Management :
    Harvesting: In case of bush beans harvesting to be done 50-60 DAP, while pole beans are to be harvested 70-80 DAP.
    Yield: Average yield of green pod is 8-10t/ha.

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