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Botanical Name: Allium cepa
  • Red varieties : Pusa Red:Globular, less pungent.
    Arka Bindu:Small crimson red
    Arka Niketan: globular, pink, highly pungent.
    White Varieties : Pusa whiteflat; Good for dehydration. Pusa white Round: Medium to large.Good for dehydration.
  • Yellow varieties :
    Early Grano:Large globular yellow coloured bulbs.
    Brown Spanish: long day type.
    Climate & Soil: It requires cool and moist period during vegetative phase and high temperature in bulbing phase. Fertile well drained loamy soil are ideal.
    Season: September October
    Seed rate: 8-10kg/ha
    Raising Nursery: Seeds are sown in nursery at a spacing of 15x10 cm.
    Spacing: Direct sowing by broadcasting or drilling at 30cm apart is practiced in some areas.
    Nutrient management : Apply N: P: Kat 150 : !50 : 75 Kg/ha
    Crop Management: Irrigation required.
    Pest Management :
    • Onion thrips : can be controlled by dimecron 1ml/l spray
    Disease Management :
    • Purple blotch : Spray Dithane M-45 (0.25%) with sticker at 15 days interval from first appearance of disease.
    • Stemphylium blight : Four to five sprays of mancozeb0. 3%+ Metasystox0 .05 % recommended.
    Harvesting: Ready for harvest in 3-5 months after transplanting.
    Yield: 15-25 T bulbs are expected from1 ha of transplanted crop.

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