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Botanical Name: Ananas comosus
Varieties: Kew, Amrutha, Mauritius , Major commercial grown variety in Kerala is Mauritius and hence its package is detailed below.
Climate & Soil: Tropical climate with a temperature range of 15-30 degree Celsius. Optimum rainfall requirement is 1000-1500mm. Can be grown in wide range of soils.
Season: April- May and August- September
Seed rate:
Seed Treatment: Suckers weighing 500-1000gm are selected. Dipping of suckers in 1% bordeaux mixture and 0.05% quinalphos is recommended as a prophylactic measure.
Spacing: 45x30cm
Nutrient management : Apply FYM at the rate of 25t/ha at the time of planting . Apply N:P:K at 8:4:8gm/plant per year. Full dose of P2O5 is applied as basal at the time of planting. Nitrogen and K2O are applied in four equal split doses after planting. First dose may be applied at 40-50 days after planting and thereafter at 60-70 days intervals. Weeding is a very important operation required before every fertilizer application.

Hormone application: For inducing uniform flowering, 25ppm ethephon is applied on physiologically mature plants having 39-42 leaves. The solution for application in 1000 plants is prepared by adding 1.25ml of ethephon, 1Kg urea and 20gm calcium carbonate to 50 litres of water. Pour 50ml of prepared solution to the heart of the plant during dry weather conditions.
Crop Management: Planting : Pineapple is planted in paired rows at 45x30cm spacing on ridges taken at 60-90cm height depending on the water table and drainage requirement. Ridges are separated by drainage channels having 60cm width. Width of the ridges varies from 120-150cm.
Pest Management :
    Mealy bugs : Spray quinal phos 0.25- 0.5% or fenitrithion 0.05%
Disease Management :
  • Root rot : Provide drainage and badly affected plants should be drenched with 1% Bordeaux mixture in soil.
  • a)
  • Leaf spot : Spray 1% Bordeaux mixture or 0.2% zineb.