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Botanical Name: Raphanus sativus
Varieties: Tropic varieties :
Pusa Desi:
Pusa chetki:
Japanese white:
Arka Nishant: White rust resistant variety.
Temperate varieties :
Pusa Himani:
Rapid Red:
white Scarlet Globe:
Scarlet round:
White icicle.
Climate & Soil: Well drained loose sandy loam soil are best suited for the crop. It prefers cool climate in high ranges and ideal temperature is 10-15 degree celsius.
Season: June January
Seed rate: 7 to 8 kg per hectare
Spacing: Ridges of about 20 cm ht are taken at 45 cm apart and seeds are sown 10cm apart on rows.
Nutrient management : Apply 20t/ha FYM as basal. N: P2O5 : K2O at the rate of 75 : 37.5 : 37.5 Kg/ha is the fertilizer requirement. Full dose of P2O5 and K2O and half dose of N are applied as basal. Remaining half dose of N is applied as top dressing.
Crop Management: Thinning and earthing up is required. Irrigation is required.
Pest Management :
  • Aphids : spray tobacco decotion
Disease Management :
  • Alternaria blight : Spray mancozeb0 . 25% at 15 days interval and seed treatment with thiram recommended.
  • White rust : Cultivation of resistant varieties and spraying with mancozeb ( 0.2-0.3 %) are recommended.
Harvesting: Harvesting can be done in 25-55 days after sowing depending on variety.
Yield: 15-20 t/ha