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Botanical Name: Artocarpus hetrophyllus
Varieties: Muttom varinka ( Sweet scented variety), Singapore jack (Early bearing)
Climate & Soil: Jack performs well in humid regions. Deep, well drained soils are ideal for jack cultivation.
Season: One set of monsoon showers
Seed rate:
Spacing: Seedlings or grafts are planted in pits of 60x60x60cm size at a spacing of 12-15 m. Stake the grafted plants to prevent snapping at the graft joints. Excellent drainage and adequate watering need to be ensured.
Nutrient management : 10 Kg FYM or compost per pit is recommended. Even without fertilizer application jack trees come up well under Kerala conditions.
Pest Management :
  • Shoot borer caterpillars &Jack scale : Spray ekalux 25%.EC .05%
  • Mealy bug: Spray lime sulpher
Disease Management :
  • Pink disease, Budrot : Pruning of affected plants and protecting the cut- ends with Bordeaux paste are recommended.
Harvesting: The seedling plants generally bear after eight years and grafted plants three years of planting
Yield: 50-100 fruits/year