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Botanical Name: Abelmoschus esculentus
  • Green/light green fruited:
    Kiran:High yielding. Light green and long fruits. Suitable for the Southern areas of the state.
    Salkeerthi: Attractive light green long fruits. High yielding.
  • Red Fruited: Aruna:High yielding. Attractive red long fruits rich in anthocyanin.
    Co-1: Pinkish red fruits
  • Yellow Vein Mosaic Resistant/Tolerant: Arka Anamika:Unbranched. Green fruited.
    Arka Abhay:Green fruited.
    Susthira:Green fruited long duration variety suitable for homesteads.
    Anchitha: Suitable for Southern part of the state
    Manchima: Light green fruited.Suitable for cultivation during rainy season at high altitudes.

  • Climate & Soil: Tropical and subtropical climate. It can not tolerate frost. Performs better in high rain fall areas. Stunted growth under high temperature. Prefers loose well drained rich soil.
    Season: February-March, June-July and October-November.
    Seed rate: The seed rate is 8.5 kg/ha for the summer crop sown in February-March and 7 kg/ha for kharif crop.
    Seeds available with VFPCK: Haritha
    Spacing: Planting can be done in pits or channels,at a spacing of 60 X 30-45 cm depending upon the planting season, topography and soil texture .
    Nutrient management : Apply FYM or compost as basal dose @ 12 t/ha. At the time of sowing, apply N, P2O5, and K2O @ 25, 8 and 25 kg/ha. Another 25 kg N per ha may be applied one month after sowing.
    Crop Management: Ensure sufficient moisture. water stress at flowering and fruiting stage will result in low yield.
    Pest Management :
    • Fruit and shoot borer : Caterpillars bore the fruits and shoot of the plant. Apply Neem oil emulsion 5%, mechanical control.
    • Leaf hopper :: Sucks sap from the lower side of the leaf.Spreads yellow vein mosaic. Apply Neem oil emulsion 2.5% mixed with garlic paste at 20g/l.
    • Aphids : Sucks sap from the lower surface of leaves. Mechanical control, tobacco decoction
    • Root Knot Nematodes :Stunted growth of the plant. Lumps are seen on the roots. Apply Neem cake in the pits at the time of sowing. Apply Eupatorium leaves at 250 g/plant in basins one week prior to planting and water daily.
    Disease Management :
    • Yellow Vein Mosaic : Viral disease spread by Jassids. Yellowing of leaves with vein clearing and vein chlorosis of leaves. Follow clean cultivation, use disease free seeds or resistant varieties, control insect vector with neem oil emulsion
    • Leaf spot : Clear brown spots appear on the surface of leaves. Infected leaves turn brown and drop. Use Dithane M-45 @ 4g/l.
    Harvesting: Harvesting at tender stage is advisable for better yield and market demand. Harvest at morning hours
    Yield: 15-20 t/ha
    Post Harvesting: The fruits are to be handled carefully to avoid damage. The fruits are then graded and packed in cartons without causing damage. Sprinkle with water.Pre-cooling is recommended to maintain turgidity.
    Seed Collection: