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Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris
Varieties: Detroit Dark Red: Perfectly round roots with deep red skin and dark blood red flesh with zonations. Heavy yielder
Crimson Globe : Round to flat round roots. Crimson red flesh with zonations.Short duration. Climate & Soil: Requires cool climate for the development of colour, texture and sugar content. Well drained sandy loam soils are best suited for crop.Sensitive to acidity . Can be grown in saline soils.
Season: August - January
Seed rate: 7 to 8 kg/ha
Spacing: Ridges of about 20 cm height are formed at 45 cm apart.Sow the seeds mixed with fine sand or drill the wet seed balls, 15-20cm apart on the rows.
Nutrient management : Apply FYM 20t/ha as basal N: P :K75: 37.5: 37.5Kg/ha is required. Full dose of P2O5 and K2O and half dose of N are applied as basal. Remaining half dose of N is applied as top dressing when plant is in vigorous growth stage. Irrigation required.
Crop Management: Ensure sfficient moisture. Uproot excess seedlings three weeks after sowing.Shallow hoeing and earthing up are the essential inter cultural operation.
Pest Management :
  • Leaf miner, Fleabeetle, webworm: Spray neem garlic oil emulsion 2% to control the pest.
Disease Management :
  • Cercospora leafspot and downy mildew : Seed treatment and spray of bavistin 2gm/ ltr is recommended
Harvesting: Tubers are harvested after attaining a diameter of 3-5 cm. Harvesting is done 8-10 weeks after sowing by pulling top with hand.The entire plants are uprooted, the tops removed and roots separated.
Yield: 25-30 tons/ha