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Extension Programmes

In VFPCK, the extension approach is marked with features like office-less extension, frequent farm and home visits by professionally qualified extension personnel and mass awareness programmes like campaigns, demonstrations etc. The extension officers of VFPCK include Managers, Deputy Managers and Assistant Managers who operate based on a preset schedule and are always accessible to the farmers. They regularly visit fields, give farmers the necessary technical advice and other supports. This helps farmers to appraise their problems and solve them. Unlike the traditional system of agricultural extension, VFPCK functions through the dissemination of information which is routed through the Master Farmers and transfer of technology at farmers' door steps. The highlights of extension are as under:

  • Pest and disease surveillance and early warning system
  • Pest and disease surveillance and forecasting system provides advanced information on the possible occurrences of pest and diseases so that the farmers can take adequate precautionary measures against pest and disease attack. Plots of major crops will be selected for pest and disease surveillance in each district. The professionally qualified field staff will regularly monitor the plot and the information will be recorded in the observation cards regularly. Accordingly, the message including pest and disease management practices will be communicated to the farmers.

  • Demonstrations
  • Demonstration is a very effective extension method to disseminate new technology. VFPCK demonstrates proven technologies to farmers to convince them about the feasibility and applicability of new practices. Scientifically proven practices such as ‘Box Method’ of vermi composting, preparation of organic pesticides like Neem oil emulsion, Neem oil-castor oil emulsion, safe handling of pesticides, high yielding varieties, improved production technologies etc. are demonstrated to farmers. SHG farmers visit the demonstration plots to have a first hand experience of the techniques. In addition to this, the outcome of the demonstrations is discussed in SHG meetings.

  • Campaigns
  • VFPCK organises campaigns to create mass awareness and invoke collective action. Through campaigns, extension messages reach maximum number of people at the shortest possible time. Need based campaigns are organised on the following topics: