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Seeds Processing Plant

Vegetable seeds of 19 different types of High Yielding Crops suitable to the Agro Climatic conditions of the State are produced by 104 trained Seed Growers under the technical guidance of the Seed Technologist. This is a shining example of how Public - Private Participatory (P.P.P) models can attain excellent results. Please read more at Seeds page of this website. Available seeds, pack size and prices are available at Seeds List . Package of practices for these seeds are also provided in this website.

This unit have nurtured and developed a harmonious and long standing relationship with the farmers of Chittur Taluk of Palakkad over the past 14 years to achieve what many thought impossible till recently. This unit is today widely acknowledged as the only centre capable of engaging in the commercial production of vegetable seeds in Kerala and operating in an economically viable manner.

Uniqueness of VFPCK Seed Production Programme
  • Seed Production without formal contract
  • Only commercial seed producer in Kerala
  • Lion share of vegetable seed production in public sector
  • Competitive price when compared to other PSU’s in Kerala
  • Exclusive full fledged Seed Testing Lab for Vegetables
  • Well trained trustworthy and efficient seed growers
  • Plays vital role in promoting high yielding varieties
  • In VFPCK Seeds are produced by farmers for the farmers
  • VFPCK acts as a facilitator to maintain genetic and physical purity of seeds
Tissue Culture Lab

A modern laboratory capable of producing upto 50000 Tissue Culture Plantlets per month has begun its commercial operations in the year 2009. Explant initiation, multiplication and rooting stages in culturing are carried out in the laboratory.

Virus infected suckers have been the biggest enemy of Banana Farmers for decades. Virus indexed tissue culture plantlets are VFPCK’s remedy to this long standing problem. On the shoot buds of suckers collected from disease free High Yielding Varieties of Banana from different parts of the State. The plantlets are then shifted to the hardening chamber for acclimatization and development. Primary and secondary hardening operations take a total of 90 days duration. The hardened plants are then ready for sale. Most popular varieties suitable to the state like Nendran, Robusta, Red Banana, Grandnaine variety etc., are propagated.

Seed Training Institute

 Seeds Training InstitueThe mission of the Institute is to achieve the goal set by the Government of Kerala to a food secure State. The institute has the facilities for live demonstration models of the latest scientific practices in agriculture including permanent pandals, drip irrigation, fertigation, precession farming and cultivation under controlled environment. Further, visits to plots of seed growers, farmer level interaction and guided tours of the processing and quality testing facilities in the plant are key tools being utilized. Finally, this centre hopes to evolve as a common platform where policymakers, scientists, department officials and farmers together prepare the roadmap for "SUCCESS in AGRICULTURE"
For more details contact :  Seed Processing Plant
                                           Opp. Gurukulam School
                                           Alathur , Palakkad.
                                           Ph : 0492 -2222706

Published on: January 1, 2012

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