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Seeds Processing Plants

The Seeds Processing Plants was set up with the sole objective of supplying quality seeds to farmers in Kerala at affordable prices. The unit has been able to propagate more than 400 tons of high yielding varieties since its inception in 1996 and thereby has played a major role in increasing the productivity of vegetable farmers of the State. Today it caters to upto 50% of the State’s demand of vegetable seeds in the organized sector.

This unit have nurtured and developed a harmonious and long standing relationship with the farmers of Chittur Taluk of Palakkad over the past 14 years to achieve what many thought impossible till recently. Vegetable seeds of 20 types of high-yielding crops are produced by trained seed growers under the guidance of a seed technologist. At farmer sub-centres Kollengode and Kozhinjampara, the seed lots are checked and pre-cleaned before being dispatched to the seed processing plant at Alathur. The seeds are subjected to mechanical and manual processing to eliminate impure seeds and sent to the seed testing laboratory.

This unit is today widely acknowledged as the only centre capable of engaging in the commercial production of vegetable seeds in Kerala and operating in an economically viable manner. The seeds are sold through the 14 district outlets to VFPCK member farmers, the Agriculture Department, panchayats, non-governmental organisations and the public.
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